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pchard digital process management kit

With Quipu and Odoo you will be able to digitize and automate business processes related to operational or production aspects.

Digitize and/or automate processes and workflows. You will have digital and/or automated processes such as:

  • Accounting / Finance: Customer / Supplier Accounts, asset management, creation of closings and balances, etc.
  • Billing – Automate the billing process by creating estimates, delivery notifications, and invoices.
  • Project: budget control, costing, estimation, optimization of resources, etc.
  • Inventory: forecast, stock levels, shipments, distribution, returns, cancellations and more.
  • Purchases and Payments: Manage orders and suppliers. Human resources: personnel management, payroll, etc.
  • Logistics: Fleet and road management, among others.

This service is priced at €2.000 for one user, €3,000 for 3 users and €6,000 for 10 users.